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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New posting on Runner's Tech Review - ATAYNE

Today's workout: Rest day

Runner's Tech Review is back with a new posting about ATAYNE's technical shirts. We've been testing these high quality shirts made out of 100% recycled materials since December. With their great feel and cool looks they've certainly found a place within our running clothes collections.

I wasn't feeling great this morning when I got up and quickly decided to rest instead of run. The weather may have contributed to a headache and although it wasn't yet raining, I knew it would start soon. I needed rest and figured not running may be more beneficial than an actual workout today. Tomorrow I plan to be back to the street. I'm going to run in my Brooks GTS 10's to see if it's the lightweight Sauconys that have been helping my performance or if I'm just getting faster. I'm betting it's the shoes.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Navy's performance shirts don't actually perform

Today's workout (treadmill): 2.4 miles at 9:17/mile

This morning's running experience had a few annoying moments but ultimately it turned out to be a decent workout. I woke up a few minutes early and quickly dressed for my run. I was hoping that the extra time would provide me an opportunity to cover some additional distance. Once I stepped into the garage I heard the rhythmic sound of rain and as the door began to rise I saw that it was pouring. I made my way upstairs, discarded my long sleeve shirt, headlamp and reflective vest and fired up the treadmill. Once I came up to speed I hit "Start" on the Garmin and hoped I could make up for the lost time. About 3 minutes into the run I looked at the Garmin to see what it was showing for pace so I could compare it to the treadmill's display. I saw that the Garmin hadn't actually started so I missed capturing the first third of a mile. So much for capturing my extra distance today.

Atayne Tech Shirts
Old Navy "Tech" Shirts
The run itself was fine but the jersey I wore did not do a good job of wicking sweat. It was one of the two "bargain" performance shirts that I'd bought on sale at Old Navy some months back. They were $5 each and I understand why. Although they are 100% polyester and look like technical shirts they don't seem able to absorb and evaporate sweat any better than cotton. It's tough to understand why one manufacturer charges $60 for a technical shirt while another charges $25 that looks and feels similar. In those cases both shirts do the job but perhaps the higher end shirt does it better. I will be posting a review of my Atayne technical shirt
(made from 100% recycled materials) on Runner's Tech Review that I will compare to a few others to see if I can uncover the differences.

Friday, December 18, 2009

ATAYNE(ing) running success and social responsibility

This week I received a couple of running shirts from a company called ATAYNE (pronounced attain) and I am very excited about it. The shirts are truly beautiful, well made and cleverly designed. What I like most about these shirts is that they are made from 100% recycled materials and function as high performance athletic gear. We'll be giving these products a thorough test and will report our findings on Runner's Tech Review when we do. In the meantime think about giving a socially responsible shirt to your favorite runner this holiday season.

I needed a little more than great gear to get me through my run this morning. I did an elliptical workout on Thursday and this morning I awoke to 18 degree weather and a headache courtesy of last night's work holiday party. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't like I had a lot to drink. I didn't. It's just that nowadays, if I drink anything I pay for it the next day. I love Chimay Blue but it will be a while until I have another. Even with the cold and the ache I hit the road at 4:00 and covered 2.25 miles at a comfortable pace. Today's run was necessary to reinforce that neither cold nor (self created) discomfort are excuses to skip a run. I'm hoping to put some longer miles on the road or trails this weekend. I also need to complete and post my 2010 goals. New Years is only 2 weeks away!

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