Monday, December 27, 2010

Two feet of reasons to rest

The snowstorm seems to be winding down and despite almost two feet of accumulation and 40 MPH winds our driveway and walk are mostly clear. My wife and I headed outside around 6:00 AM this morning to deal with the snow that had fallen since we'd finished shoveling last night. With the proper clothing and our coordinated efforts we cleared the grounds in less than an hour. My wife has gone out for a final clean up and as long as the winds don't blow the drifts back onto the driveway we should be in good shape. Temperatures should rise over the next few days and that will help clear the neighborhood roads.

I thought about how fun it would be to drive to Stillwell and run the snowy trails. The canopy probably caught a good amount of snow but the volume is so great that it's probably made most of the trails impassable. Last February we got socked with a big storm just prior to the XTERRA 6K that made the course at Stillwell both slippery and difficult. The spirit of adventure makes a run in the woods compelling, but even with all-wheel drive I don't want to take any chances on the icy roads. So I'm either going to take my usual Monday rest day or do an indoor workout. In addition, I suppose all the shoveling counts for something.


  1. Dito that. 6:00 AM snow shovels are the pits!

  2. But at least I didn't have to dig out to catch a train this morning!


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