Friday, February 24, 2012

Impromptu stop at Trailview

Today's run (treadmill): 30 minutes

The areas west and north of NYC got hit with snowy weather this morning, but Long Island only got rain. Still, that was enough to keep me indoors on the treadmill. I wasn't sure how strong I'd feel because, on top of yesterday morning's workout, I did an impromptu hike in the afternoon.

It turned out that all of yesterday's activities must have worked to my advantage. I managed a brisk progressive speed run and covered the last couple of minutes at an 8:00 pace. Or maybe it was just returning to caffeinated coffee.

My hike was at nearby Trailview State Park, where my son and I decided to stop on a whim. I'd run the Trailview paths a few weeks ago and followed the bike path. My son and I chose the hiking path yesterday just to see where it went. We encountered a few steep sections where roots served both as obstructions and as steps to the higher ground. We took on each challenge with hard charges up every hill.

We weren't familiar with the hiking path, but after 20 minutes we'd reached a high point where we could look down on a road that separated us from Stillwell Woods. There were a fair number of hikers and a few runners on the trail, and we watched a couple run down to street level so we could see where path actually ended.

Our hike back was a little easier because we'd done most of the climbing on the way out. There were still some sharp inclines and my son told me he preferred uphills to downhills. We decided to head to Stillwell at another time so he could experience the joys of the Snake Pit and the Uh-Oh trail.

I'm not counting yesterday's hike in my weekly mileage, but we probably covered more than two miles of changeable terrain on our hike. With today's treadmill run and whatever I can cover over the weekend, this will be my highest mileage week in 2012. The seven miles I ran on Wednesday helps that number. However, I'm not sure if I'll try another long run this weekend. Building my base is important, but I also want to avoid injuries.

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