Sunday, December 28, 2008

Man vs. Nature

Yesterday we spent time with friends, one of whom had turned his ankle running the day before. As we sat in my den my wife remarked what a pathetic group we were between his ankle injury, my hamstring pull and her still very painful shoulder injury. I pointed out that all three were sports related and that counted for something.

After five days of treadmill and elliptical workouts I was more than ready to hit the track but was concerned about pushing too hard with an injury. I took Aleve yesterday and iced it when I could and today it was better but not unnoticeable. I wore my new Merino wool socks (thanks again Adventure Girl) and they provided very nice support. The temperature on the news station said 57 degrees so I wore light gear but as I began my run I was hit by a stiff, cold wind. I'm learning something about that track: no matter what time or day you run there, half the time you will be running into wind. The effect was Sisyphean in nature and somewhat discouraging because I did not feel that strong to begin with. Around mile one I had warmed up enough to increase my pace and with the increased effort I actually started looking forward to the section of the track where I hit the cold wind head on. I did 5K but stopped after that to prevent further injury to my hamstring. I'm happy to say that after the run and stretching it feels very good. I'm going to increase distance in a few days to begin to train in earnest for the 4 miler. In the meantime I'm very pleased with my progress. Despite the winds I managed a sub 9:30 pace for over three miles.

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