Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm dreaming of a dry Christmas

The Emerging Runner is off for the year end holiday break. Normally I look forward to time off as an opportunity to run outdoors for longer distances since I'm not constrained by my morning routine with the pressure to leave by 6:00 AM to make my train. While I loved all the snow that fell over the weekend, the temperature hasn't risen enough to melt the ice on the roads. Consequently I'll need to do today's run on the treadmill followed by some elliptical work. The temperature is supposed to rise to 47 degrees by afternoon but we'll have a house full of people by then. I'm hoping conditions change enough over the next 24 hours that I can run on the track on Thursday morning. A friend gave me some really good crew length running socks yesterday and I want to use them outdoors because they are nicely cushioned.

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