Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My running resolutions

Today is New Years Eve day and I'm thinking about my running goals for 2009. Having signed up for a couple of races it's easy to use that as a starting point. Here are the Emerging Runner's 2009 running resolutions:

1. Participate in at least four local races.
2. Run a complete 10K course (individually or in a race).
3. Run three miles under 8:40/mile.
4. Incorporate one rest day into my weekly training schedule.

I'm sure more resolutions will come to me but that's a start. Yesterday was spent in the city with my family and that amounted to lots of hard walking. I'd started the day by doing 32 minutes on the elliptical and was fairly exhausted by evening. I may start resolution number 4 today and simply rest. Of course by midday I may change my mind. After all, it's not New Years until Thursday.

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