Saturday, December 20, 2008

Running in the great indoors

We've had a few snowstorms already this year despite the fact that winter doesn't even start until Sunday. With 3+ inches of snow on the street I needed to stay indoors for today's run. I actually enjoy the treadmill and although the view doesn’t change it was still nice to look into the backyard (see above) and watch the snow falling. I also like that I don't need to put on layers of running gear when I run inside. A short sleeve wicking shirt and running shorts were sufficient and I opened windows at both ends of the room to let in that 23 degree outside air as a way to stay cool. As I was watching the snow I began to think about the need to reserve some energy for shoveling. But of course I didn't.

This morning I ran 3 miles at 9:26/mi which is not bad considering that I shoveled snow twice yesterday plus I ran about the same distance as I did today. No muscle pull issues either. I'm glad I listened to my friends about respecting the injury. I wonder if anyone ever runs outdoors when there's this much snow on the ground. Seems risky but, like running in the rain, kinda fun.

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