Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What you don't want during taper week

Last night was my daughter's winter concert and this extended an already-long work day. I went to bed intending to run outside this morning but I woke up tired and with a headache. I've been feeling a little run down over the last week and, last night, I started to experience the first symptoms of a cold. I'm still planning to run in Sunday's 5K race and skipping today's run has thrown off my taper plan.

If the weather is okay tomorrow (and I'm feeling better) I'll run with Adventure Girl who has spent most of this year doing wilderness research in Big Sky Country. The best wilderness I can offer is the bridal trail in Central Park. I hope it's not too rainy because that trail can get muddy.

Between coffee, antihistamine and aspirin I'm hoping to recover enough to get through the day. This will be the first night this week where I don't have evening plans. I'll try to get some rest by turning in a little early. I'm always annoyed when I get colds, because I expect my running to provide me with an enhanced immune system. Perhaps it does. After all, I could feel a lot worse.


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