Saturday, December 3, 2011

Around two towns and a business park

Today's run (street): 5.93 miles

Yesterday was just too busy and too distracting for me to either run or blog. No matter, I'm back in business today. Today's schedule required me to finish my workout fairly early, so I set out around 7:00 AM intending to cover between 5-6 miles.

I may head over to Bethpage tomorrow, but this morning I stayed close to home. After a loop around the northeastern part of my neighborhood I crossed the field of the middle school to the pathway that leads to a local business park. I didn't want to run the usual roads today so I opted for the main loop within the park.

I usually run this section of the park counter-clockwise. That direction has a steady (but modest) elevation gain for two thirds of its length. Today I ran it clockwise which provided a steeper start but then it was mostly downhill after that. The hill wasn't too bad and I had no problem pushing through aerobically. However, I was a little tired by the time I crested the hill.

After I'd finished the business park loop I ducked into to neighborhood #3, which is actually in a neighboring town, and ran a loop around that area. I came back again through the middle school and completed my workout by running another mile through my neighborhood. If I were paying attention, I may have run another .07 miles and made it an even six. It doesn't matter though. I still came close to reaching the higher end of my planned distance.

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