Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hard runs are only fun once you're done

Today's run (treadmill): 2.7 miles

I elected to run indoors again this morning since the rains had moved in last night. I got a jump start on my  morning run because I woke up six minutes early and started on the treadmill at 3:50 AM. That allowed me to get in a hard run and still have time to relax with coffee before heading to the shower.

After yesterday's easy run with a 2% incline, I decided to push the pace today. I never re-calibrated the treadmill after replacing the console, so I don't really trust the treadmill's speed readout. 6.3 MPH on the machine feels more like a 9:00 mile on the road.

I started at 6 MPH and blipped the speed control every couple of minutes until I reached 7 MPH. I stayed with that throughout my 25 minute run. Easy runs feel good while you are doing them, but hard runs feel great when you finish. I chose to defer my enjoyment until after my workout and I'm glad I did. I'm hoping for some decent weather this weekend so I can get in some sorely needed distance runs.

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