Monday, December 5, 2011

Listening to your body will tell you very different things

Yesterday's run in the woods was an unexpected pleasure. I had set out for a long bike-trail run on pavement but ended up running the trails, on a crisp fall day. The interesting thing is that the run I had along Stillwell's paths didn't turn out to be my favorite part of yesterday's workout. It was the last half mile on pavement that made the run.

The challenge of staying ahead of the three runners who swept up behind me, as I left the last wooded trail, was an exciting and fulfilling experience. I'd expected to cruise this last section to cool down from running the trails, instead I ran the final distance like I was finishing a race.

This morning my wife mentioned to me that she'd added a third incline segment to her already tough workout this morning. I asked her why, and she said that "Listening to your body works two ways. Sometimes it tells you to rest, and sometimes it says push even harder." I totally understood what she meant by that.


  1. No doubt on that going both ways. I think most runners know about the first reason and not the later. I should listen to my body more. Nice job on the run.

  2. Thanks Kenley. I think listening is always a helpful attribute!


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