Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cold and wind can't keep a winter runner down

Today's run (street): 4.5 miles

Conditions were dry, cold and windy this morning but that didn't dissuade me from going out for a run. I far prefer 25° plus wind chills over 80° with high humidity. The trick is to bundle up enough to make the first mile bearable, without becoming overheated by the third. I wore my new half-zip over a long sleeved tech shirt and my new CS running pants below. These pants do a very good job of blocking wind.

I wore my Saucony Mirages that felt 100% better than the Karhu Fast 2's that I wore on yesterday's run. The Mirage's low stack height and minimal ramp angle enable a natural mid-foot fall. This is very different from the Karhu's thick mid-sole that seems to get in the way of leg extension. It's as if the road is an inch higher when your foot hits the ground -- both jarring and disconcerting.

The chilly air was energizing and the wind at my back helped to propel me. Head-on, the wind felt uncomfortable, especially where my glasses touched my face. Fortunately my route didn't have too many roads that faced west so it wasn't really an issue. My strength had improved from yesterday and my run was mostly pleasant. I had enough strength coming up on my last mile to pick up the pace considerably.

After yesterday's tough going, I'd expected today's run to be better. It turned out to be a lot better and I was pleased with my performance overall. If the rain holds off tomorrow I may go for a trail run with a friend. If not, I may spend some quality time on the elliptical machine.

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