Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pushing the pace without really trying

Today's run (street): 4.3 miles

Was today's run hard because I was tired, or because my pace was 20 seconds per mile faster than than it felt? I'm not sure, but today's run, that I planned do do s-l-o-w-l-y, didn't end up that way.

The temperature was in the high 20's when I went out at 7:30 AM. I'd had a decent night's sleep and the chilly air felt good. Yesterday's long elliptical session had me thinking about a recovery run today. I usually dislike the first couple of minutes of every run, until my aerobic breathing kicks in, but this morning I had no such issues.

Since I had no time constraints, I followed a different route than normal that had slightly more uphill roads than usual. My stride felt fluid though my legs felt a little heavy. I planned to cover about five miles but I began to feel a little fatigued after covering just a couple. I thought, perhaps, that the full week of workouts, plus last weekend's race, were catching up to me.

I modified my course and headed back towards home after passing three miles. I picked up my pace as I got closer to the end and reached my driveway after covering 4.3 (Gmaps verified) miles. I must have run harder than I realized to attain a pace in the low 9:00 range, but it probably contributed to my lagging energy.

We have a family get-together later today, and I plan to go out for an early run tomorrow. Christmas morning is a great time to be out, since most people stay around home and the streets are clear. I don't celebrate the holiday, but I do love the peaceful time. 

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