Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Training as the clock runs down

It's less than 10 days to my next race so I'm pushing as much as I can to prepare. I had a shorter window to run this morning so I tried to make the best of it. I've declared a goal of running my upcoming 5K under 26 minutes and since I don't have very long to prepare for that I'm focusing every workout on a specific aspect of the race.

Today I focused on speed - not tempo level speeds - but I tried to maintain a faster pace than I normally achieve during my weekday workouts. I only had 18 minutes to run this morning and I needed to build in a few minutes for cool down so I ended up running 15:22 for 1.79 miles for an overall pace of 8:35. It wasn't as hard to do this as I thought it might be. My first 5 minutes were actually a little slow, closer to a 9 minute pace, but I ran the last mile around 7.4 MPH. I'll admit that running fast for less than two miles on a flat surface is not the same as running a 5K under road conditions, but I think I can build on that.

Tomorrow I plan to follow the hill climb program on my elliptical. I don't know how the grades will be on the 5K course but I don't want to find myself struggling on hills like I did last Sunday. This weekend I'm thinking about a long street run on Saturday, perhaps expanding to neighborhood #3 for the first time and attacking those hills. On Sunday I'd like to go to Stillwell Woods and run the trails to take advantage the softer, more challenging surface.

AG said that Lululemon is sponsoring another group run in Central Park on Tuesday so that may be a good opportunity for a post-weekend long run before May 2nd.

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