Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End run

I closed out my pre-race run training this morning with a 3 mile treadmill run at my hotel. Since I don't belong to a health club it's rare for me to exercise with strangers. I'm always amused by the subtle dynamics that occur when other people (typically men) line up next to you on the treadmill. What should be a singular and personal experience becomes implicitly competitive: "Oh, you're running? I'll run faster." "You're going 30 minutes? I'll run for 40."

Maybe it's me just being competitive but I'll admit that I do get sucked into it. I didn't know how far I would run this morning but, having people on both sides, I knew I wouldn't quit until they did. In fact that was the case.

I had originally considered running four miles but kept it to three due to the reoccuring soreness in my right leg. I'm pretty sure that this injury is nerve related since it has not worsened over time and continues to respond positively to anti-inflammatories like Aleve. All the same I'm planning to give it a rest after tomorrow.


  1. If your competitive spirit was awakened by the people next to you on the treadmill, wait until Sunday! Just don't let it make you come out too hard for the first few miles!

  2. I'm afraid my competitive spirit will get the best of me when I'm dealing with people walking in front of me while I'm trying to run :)


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