Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This weeks's Sedentary Man

This week Sedentary Man writes about inefficiencies related to the way dogs drink water and the way humans hit golf balls. SM only has a solution for the latter. Read it here...

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  1. Actually if the SM was able to get a hold of some video footage of a dog drinking water, he would be surprised. I also thought it was an inefficient process too, just stabbing your tongue into the drink. Then I saw a slo-mo video and actually the dog's tongue forms a scoop of sorts as it enters the water and hauls much more liquid than one thinks into their mouth. It curls, scoops and extends so fast you can't really tell this is all happening in real time. I am sure everyone is so much more enlightened knowing this...
    I can't offer any insight on driving a golf ball straight as witnessed by my many scorecards.


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