Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goals for my 5K

Today was Day 1 for training for my 5K run on May 2nd. The 2nd is a Saturday and the start time is 8:00 AM so I only have one more weekend to focus on long runs. I haven't seen an elevation map of the race course so I don't know what I'm up against in terms of hills. I'm glad for the early race start because I suspect it will be warm. From what I see on the website map it will be mostly open roads with little shade.

My pace goal for the race is 8:39 per mile. It is definitely a stretch for me as I rarely beat 8:45, even on shorter runs. The reason I picked this target relates to one of my 2009 running goals: to maintain that pace for at least 3 miles. If I get a good start and the course is fairly flat I do think I have a chance at a sub 8:40 time. Like I said, 8:39 is a stretch. My other goal is completely ego driven: to pass more runners than I get passed. I'll start the count after a couple of minutes to let the 5, 6 and 7 minute speedsters get by. In truth, I mostly care about those who pass me near the end, a mile or less before the finish.

I ran a couple of miles at 8:48 this morning. It was a relatively hard run considering I'd taken Monday as a rest day. The warm weather is already noticeable and I remained concerned about running in real heat this summer. Later this week I plan to do some speed drills on the treadmill and do some high resistance workouts on the elliptical for hill training.

I also realized I have no races scheduled after the 5K. I need to do something about that!


  1. I think that you have the right mind set at this time. As for myself I have been pretty consistent with running since college. I do believe that you will be able to complete the 5k in the desired pace. Though remember there is always another race to run if you don't run the time that you had hoped to. I will be cheering for you on May 2nd. But as for right now I have to mentally prepare myself for a marathon that I am running on 4/25 in a small wisconsin town. Good luck to you I know you will do fine.

  2. Wall Street 5k on 5/19...


  3. Thank you for the good wishes and best of luck on your marathon run!

    I need to try one of NYRR races. I don't know about the Wall St. one but a Central Park race would be fun.


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