Monday, April 13, 2009

Just give it a rest

I had planned to do a light elliptical workout this morning to minimize the impact on my knees and leg. When I got up I thought about my weekend workouts, especially yesterday's, and decided to give my legs a complete rest. I ended up doing an upper body workout with my elliptical which I do facing the front so I can stand while grasping the arms of the machine. I've done this in the past and even with resistance set moderately low, it's a great way to work on arm strength. I would really prefer to do this workout facing the front of the display so I can track progress and control resistance. As it happens, the pedal width is slightly too wide to straddle comfortably so I really can't do it that way. Overall, the forward facing method works very well and when done at a fast pace it provides a very good cardio workout.

I appreciated the respite from leg exercise this morning and my soreness is much less noticeable. I'm planning to run hard both tomorrow and Wednesday and finish my taper either with an easy run or an elliptical workout. My son signed up for the Kids Fun Run (1/2 mile) the day of my race so we'll both be participating in Sunday's event. My daughter is also considering running and we're hoping that she decides to join us.

The weather for next Sunday morning is supposed to be mostly cloudy, in the low 40's with a 20% chance of precipitation. That sounds ideal and I'm hoping it's accurate. 5 Days, 13 hours to go...

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