Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not so Long Slow Distance

I must have slept through spring because summer is here on Long Island. Actually the temperatures are very summer-like but happily the air is still spring dry. I'm a cold weather person and a morning runner but yesterday was busy and I wasn't able to get out until 5:00 PM when the thermometer read 84 degrees. I ran late afternoon on Friday so this was similar in terms of timing. However, our Central Park run was much cooler.

I made the mistake of not properly wrapping my small toes prior to the Friday run. This is a technique I started over a decade ago when I lived in the city. Those days it wouldn't be unusual for us to walk from Battery Park to the Upper West Side, across town and then home to Murray Hill, all in one day. I used to get tremendous blisters from this and discovered that wrapping a small piece of plastic wrap around my first and second toe would ward off most of the damage. I'm beginning to suffer from this problem with my Nike Turbulence 13's and it's making me think that they're due for replacement after over 400 miles of excellent service. By yesterday morning my feet were hurting pretty good and although I wrapped them for Saturday's and today's runs they are a little raw. Tomorrow I'm planning to elliptical which has far less impact on my feet and I'm hoping they bounce back quickly.

My running over the past three days has been a mixed bag. I thought Friday was a very good run although the numbers don't reflect that. Yesterday's afternoon run was about the same distance (3.2 miles) with a pace just under 9 minutes. This morning, with only 15 hours separating me from yesterday's workout, I took the LSD approach (you can argue whether 3 miles should be considered "long") and my pace reflected it, closer to 9:20. But let me tell you it was hot and, in terms of conditioning, a real workout.

Overall, I covered close to 10 miles between 5:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM Sunday. The weather reports are encouraging, predicting closer to 60's than 80's for next weekend. I'm pleased that I was able to manage some taxing runs late in the day with some heat and I'm happy that I'm only covering 5K and not 4 miles at Saturday's race. I'm excited about this race because I know more about what to expect. After all, you only experience your second race once!


  1. Hi. It's Eve's daughter. Is this Lauren's husband? She sent me this to look at and said it's a pretty "popular" site! What race are you running?

  2. Hi, yes indeed that's me. Thanks for visiting my site. Am I correct that you have recently taken up running? My next race is a 5K, part of the LI Marathon event this weekend.


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