Friday, June 18, 2010

Not quite the run I thought I'd done

Today's run (street): 4 miles at 9:16 per mile

After today's run I thought that my best performance was tied to the time of day that I ran. My energy level at 6:15 AM was high and I started out well. I wanted to run about 3 miles this morning because I had some extra time. Usually I'm constrained to less than 25 minutes on weekdays but I'm working from home today so (without the commute) I was able to get out for over 30 minutes. It was only 61 degrees outside when I started and the first mile came quickly. That, as it turned out, was because it wasn't quite a mile. Unfortunately my Garmin has not served me well of late and switching the foot pod from shoe to shoe has not helped. I thought I'd completed 4.17 miles in about 37 minutes, a time that I considered good and reasonable. I figured that running at 6 AM simply gave me boost over how well I usually perform at 4 AM. My actual distance was well off what the Garmin recorded. It turned out I'd only run 4 miles.

 Forgetting performance for a moment I thought I'd run well today. I continue to like the feel of the Kinvaras and I'm hoping that they are facilitating mid foot landing when I run. I don't feel much difference in padding or support with the neutral Kinvaras and (knock wood) I have not experienced any tweaks or strains from wearing them so far. It makes me wonder if I could get away with a neutral everyday trainer. Not that I'm in the market for that. I'm just curious. I'm hoping to do at least one measurable run (over six miles) this weekend. I'll probably enlist my Brooks for that task. They remain my go-to shoe for distance. Why mess with success?

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