Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 humid miles

Today's run (street): 5.2 miles at 9:31

I intended to get out before 7:00 AM because I knew the heat would be intense by mid morning. It took longer to get out than I planned and I hit the road at 7:18 under sunny skies. It took me about a half mile before I started feeling the humidity but, bam, there it was. I decided to give myself a gift and followed the road along Jericho Turnpike that runs downhill for about a quarter mile before leveling off. At the next crossing I headed south along South Oyster Bay Road where the sidewalk runs the gamut between level concrete to broken up cement with overgrown grass. I continued across the LIE overpass and entered neighborhood #2 from the west side. By this time I was feeling the effort but I knew I wanted to get a couple of more miles in. After a run around the western loop I headed east and extended my normal route by hitting a few extra streets.

I ended up covering about 5 miles with the last mile proving a major challenge. I often think, at the end of a run, how much farther I could have run. Sometimes the answer is "a few miles more" but today the answer was "not one foot more." The humidity was overwhelming and an extended run was not in the cards. Tomorrow I'll aim for an earlier start to avoid the heat and the storms that are predicted for Sunday. Our guests will probably leave by midday tomorrow so I'll want finish up in time to spend most of the morning with them. I wouldn't mind a cooler experience tomorrow but I'd settle for a lower dew point.


  1. Yes indeed, it was tough out there!

    Saturday, I did the 4 mile Run Around The Lake @ an "Un-Official" time of 37 minutes (9:15 pace).

    "Un-Official" because just prior to the start I set my watch, looked down & noticed the velcro strap, timing chip came off.

    Luckily I found it in my car, thereby saving me $20. in lost fees. Fun stuff.

  2. Wow, 9:15 on a day like that is excellent. Congratulations, on that. It must have been frustrating to run the race without the chip though. Good thing you found it. The new RFID tracking strips are easier and if you lose them it doesn't cost you anything. I do like the reusable ones from an environmental perspective.


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