Thursday, June 17, 2010

The morning blues

Today's run (street): 2.3 miles at 9:16 per mile

I looked forward to this morning's run as I prepared my gear last night. I've just come through two weeks of tight deadlines and four speaking obligations and today's run was the first time in a while where I could go out free of those pressures. I'd run in my Grid Tangents the last three times and the magic of speed seems to have slipped away. Tuesday's performance was no better or worse than my usual experience with my GTS-10s. I decided to return to the Kinvaras and see if I could gain some efficiency by running in this light neutral shoe that promotes mid foot landing. I know two other people who own Kinvaras and they have both had concerns about running longer distances with them. So far my experience with the Kinvaras has been good. I see little difference between them and my other trainers.

Some mornings I move faster than others and today was a slow day. I'm not talking about on the road, I mean the process of preparing to run. Consequently I didn't step outside until 4:06 and I took off without doing any stretching because I didn't want to fall further behind. The skies were dark with no moon and overcast conditions. The rain had stopped but the roads were wet and the streetlights were reflecting garishly. It was quiet and I saw no other activity but it didn't feel peaceful. During Tuesday morning's run I saw a few cars and trucks and even saw another person on the street. It was a young woman taking a walk near the middle school. I kept my distance because I didn't want to spook her. Odd to see someone out walking at 4:30 AM.

I ended today's run after about 22 minutes. I was glad that I had run but slightly disappointed by the experience. I'm hoping to go out longer tomorrow morning and take advantage of the extra time I'll have working from home. I think I need rest and I'll try to sleep a little longer on Friday morning. It's been a while since I've had a satisfying long run. I'm hoping I can change that this weekend.

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