Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventurous running can also be local

Today's workout: Rest day

The first day of summer has brought a welcome reduction in humidity. I looked at the early morning runners that I passed on my way to the train and regretted that I wasn't one of them. I could have run this morning but I need to make sure I consistently take at least one day off to rest each week. I don't go out for long weekday runs and could probably get away with running seven days a week, but I believe that a marginal rest day is more valuable than a marginal run day.

Yesterday's run on the trails was a nice way to cap off three days of 4+ mile runs. Trail running has become my preferred style and I always consider those runs special. I love the constantly changing terrain, elevations, scenery and the mystery of the experience. I'm often accompanied by animals in the woods, I can hear them rustling as I run by and I never know what I'll encounter around the next bend. Unless I stick to a familiar route I can count on getting lost. That's fun for me because I know I'll eventually find my way back. The biggest challenges I face are fast moving mountain bikers and steeply carved pathways that are almost as hard to descend as they are to climb. The hidden danger is roots along the trail that can bring you down hard, often before you know you've tripped. I had a near stumble yesterday and the adrenalin rush provided sufficient energy to scale a sudden steep embankment. Stillwell is only five minutes away from home but it always provides some great adventure.


  1. one of these days I've gotta give trail running a try... it sounds so great, but I'm just so worried about injuring myself!

  2. There's always the danger of tripping but I've probably logged 100 trail runs and I've only had two falls. Believe me, it's worth the risk. Plus the different terrain will help your street performance!


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