Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A cool 4:00 AM run was a nice (and slow)

Today's run (street): 2.54 miles at 9:30 per mile

I was surprisingly alert this morning when I got up for today's run. After a day of meetings and travel I'm usually far more tired the following day. Every night I set out my running clothes, reflective vest, headlamp, etc., in anticipation of my morning workout. More often than not, in my just awakened fog, I entertain thoughts of skipping that day's run as I drag myself downstairs to pour some coffee. The process is so ritualized that despite my semi-conscious state I know to the second how things will play out. A few sips from my coffee mug are followed by a change into running clothes. Out of the house by 4:01, I hit start on the Garmin and pick a route.

Once out the door things vary: weather, energy level and activity. Most often there are no cars and rarely any people. This morning I saw both. This morning's temperatures were cool and that helped me get going. Unlike other mornings I avoided running through any sprinkler spray for the first ten minutes  of today's run because I was cold enough already. Even though my pace felt brisk I was obviously not moving very quickly and it seemed to take a while to complete my first mile. A look at my watch told me I was pacing around 9:45 which did not match the way I felt. My level of effort was low so I knew I could push it and I gradually increased my speed to finish with a 9:30 overall pace. The cool weather and no sun were greatly appreciated and I'm a bit concerned about covering 5 miles competitively on Sunday with heat and sun. I'll just run my race by going out at a moderate pace and making sure I have enough left to attain a negative split on mile five.

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