Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day run at Stillwell

Today's run (Stillwell Woods Preserve): 4.4 miles at 10:06 per mile

Happy Father's Day to friends and readers (plus my dad and brother). This weekend has actually been 2.5 days because I worked from home on Friday and switched over to leisure time at noon. It's been a l-o-n-g weekend and I've enjoyed every minute so far. I started the day early with a run at Stillwell Woods Preserve. It was a little after 7:00 AM by the time I made my way into the woods and I entered on the northwest side and followed the path whichever way it led. I've run in these woods dozens of times and I thought I'd figured out the trails but I was experiencing today's run almost as if it was the first time I'd run there. After breaking past the "Interpretive Trails" section I found myself on a singletrack path that took me almost two miles before I reached a cross roads and had to choose a new direction. The choice I made led me through some tough terrain, lots of ups and downs with a mix of dirt, scree, sand and rock. I was very glad to have the tree cover that kept the temperature at a tolerable level. Still, the humidity had me sweating so badly that my running shorts and shirt were completely soaked through by the end.

There was a lot of activity in the woods this morning. I saw a hare and some rabbits, chipmunks, and lots of birds. There were a few dogs with their owners and a fair number of mountain bikers, most of whom were gracious and polite. Not all, but most. I'll admit that after the third steep approach around mile three I needed to stop for a minute to restore my energy level and check my compass. That action prompted a course correction and soon I was on my way through familiar territory and I found my way to the trail head after covering a total of 4.4 miles. The rest of the day has been equally fun and we spent late afternoon in and by the pool until sun showers chased us indoors. It was a good week for running despite some work responsibilities that prevented me from going out on Wednesday morning. I exceeded 20 miles for the week and although I'm not running very fast these days I'm pleased with the way I've felt on the roads and trail. I'm looking forward to cooler running at 4:00 AM during the week. Summer is here tomorrow and I'm ready for whatever it throws at me.


  1. Off the beaten path huh? Sounds like you hit some nice terrain to mix things up a bit. Long weekends are very cool indeed man. Maybe some pictures next time? Don't you just love those chipmunks that play frogger as you are running through?

  2. I'm fortunate to have such great running trails so close by. I'll try to remember to bring along my camera next time so I can capture some shots along the way.


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