Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend update

Saturday was a busy day that started with an 8:00 AM appointment. A little later that morning my brother and his family came in for a weekend visit and my kids were thrilled to have yet another opportunity to play with their almost-3 year old cousins. Between the four of them, the energy was non-stop for nine straight hours. The rainy weather limited our options but we ended up having a very good day indoors.

Before our guests arrived I went out for a run in the neighborhood. The rain was picking up by the time I started around 9:00 AM and it was a little chilly, in the high 30's. I debated whether to stay in and run on the treadmill or brave the wet and cold. Unless the rain is torrential or the temperature is approaching zero the treadmill isn't likely to win that debate and it didn't yesterday. I set out after equipping with two layers of tech jerseys and compression pants. I wore my ASICS lightweight running jacket that, being waterproof, was perfect for the conditions. Even though I rested two days during the work week I got in some good runs on the other days. Yesterday I wanted to get out for more than the 23 minutes or so that I have available during my morning routine and I ended up running 32 minutes at a 9:01 pace. I was happy with that because I wore my Adidas trail shoes due to the rain and wet.

I'm planning to get a run in this morning before everyone wakes up. If I don't time it right I may need to a little later in the morning. According to the weather report the rain has moved on but the temperature right now is 34 degrees. Just the way I like it.

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