Saturday, December 19, 2009

Racing the snow

My day started a little later than I'd planned when I woke up and realized that it was close to 7:00 AM. I can't recall the last time I slept later than 6:30 AM on a weekend day so that was very unusual. I was fairly exhausted this week and I obviously needed the rest. I had an early appointment so I missed my opportunity to get a run in before I left. I wouldn't have cared that much about missing the chance to run early but the weather report is calling for a blizzard and I really wanted to get out before that hit. Actually a run in a blizzard would probably be fun but I didn't want to invite injury from slipping.

I went out around 10:00 AM with a plan to cover 4 or 5 miles. I had hoped that my eight hours of sleep (I average six) would provide an enhanced level of energy. That was not the case. It was cold when I stepped out and the wind made it feel like a chilly 15 degrees. Soon after I took off I noticed that my HRM strap was working its way down from my chest. That has happened before for reasons I can't really understand. Perhaps it's due to a lack of humidity and no bottom compression layer. After removing the strap on the fly I headed back to my house and threw it on my lawn so it wouldn't distract me any further. Despite the dry cold air, and wind that was sapping my energy, I was determined to cover my distance. The effort on the hills seemed to be amplified from the cold air and this caused my breathing to become labored. The first two miles were a struggle but after that I adjusted to the elements and maintained a moderate pace. When I finally arrived on the road that connects to my street I felt like I'd accomplished far more than a recreational run.

I ended up covering 5 miles with a mid-9 minute pace. Not as fast as I wish I'd run but under the circumstances it met my needs. The snow is beginning to come down and in two hours the volume will be "severe." I love the snow but not the shoveling. I hope I saved enough energy for that fun activity later in the day.


  1. The cold is really rough! No point in trying to go fast; the best you can do is tough out your milage, build your aerobic base, and dream of spring.

  2. Well said. I guess I shouldn't expect the same results at 15 degrees or at 4:00 AM as I get under favorable conditions.


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