Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The great indoors

Weather reports were calling for snow this morning so I planned ahead to stay inside. Working out indoors is a great time saver, especially the night before when I spend ten or so minutes preparing my gear for my morning runs. No need for headlamps, reflective vests, hats, gloves, etc., when you're on the treadmill or elliptical. I woke up and looked outdoors to see a winter wonderland. The neighborhood had a coating of about an inch of snow and I debated whether to go out and run just because it looked so nice.

I realized that I'd be way behind on prep and wouldn't even get 20 minutes in so I chose the elliptical instead. That was a good choice for two reasons. First, I got in 30 minutes and played around with resistance to help build up my quads. Second, in the time I was working out on the elliptical the winds had picked up and the rain had moved in and I would have been caught in it had I chosen to run. My elliptical workout was just perfect and I appreciated going 30 minutes during the work week. I'm hoping that whatever is coming through New York today will be finished by tomorrow. If it's cold but dry tomorrow morning I'll run outside. If it's cold and wet I'll be back on the treadmill. I'm still ambivalent about that but it sure beats the soggy alternative.


  1. I think what is going through NY came through PA last night, and if I am right, it will stick around for a while. I am working out inside today. Glad you had a great workout and avoiding being soggy and soupy. Have a good one.

  2. I think we're past the wet but the cold is coming. But I'd rather be facing more cold than more rain.


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