Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Friday, disguised as a Wednesday

Friday's at the office are usually low key days that provide an opportunity to catch up on things that couldn't be completed earlier in the week. There are fewer meetings and most people (like me) take a break from suit and tie formality and look ahead to the start of the weekend. This week has been busy, perhaps the busiest week I've had this year. Today is no different and with eight meetings on the calendar it felt more midweek than end of week as I left for the office this morning. In the spirit of business dress I left  behind my Garmin 50, my psychological bridge to the weekend that I normally wear on Fridays. I love what I do and I prefer to be busy so I'm not complaining. I do miss the summer when Fridays would often finish early, affording me and AG time to fit in a city run before starting our respective weekend exits. I am hoping to return to running in the city more frequently after the holidays if things slow down in January as they usually do.

This morning I did my run at 4:00 AM and I was happy to have good weather after yesterday's wind and rain that forced me to run indoors. I think it was the relief of being on the street and watching the world go by that made it an especially good run today. I didn't run especially fast but I felt strong. From beginning to end the run felt effortless. I got caught up in my thoughts a few times and found myself farther along the run than I'd realized. I've heard about people who can zone out while running but I'd never experienced it before. Perhaps I'm becoming a more efficient runner and that allows me to redirect my focus away from the physical effort. More likely I was half asleep. All the same it worked for me today and I expect that today's workout will help power me through a challenging workday, once again.

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