Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day off from running

I don't often catch colds although I do occasionally get symptoms that I fight with a combination of rest and exercise. This week I've suffered a sore throat that quickly gave way to a sinus headache and fatigue. I'm pleased that it hasn't gone further than that but I wish it would just go away. I laid out my running gear last night but when I got up this morning. I questioned whether exercise would do more harm than good and briefly considered an elliptical session but I ended up getting back in bed until 5:00.

I have a very busy schedule today with a presentation mid-morning so I decided to go the resting route instead. It was a morning made for running so I had slight pangs of regret as I headed out for the train today. All the same, I have learned that while sometimes the best response to an impending illness is to fight back with a rigorous workout, some days the best exercise is rest.

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