Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Give us this day her daily tread

Every weekday morning, as I step out of the shower, I hear the modulated whine of the treadmill from the guest room. As long as we've had our treadmill my wife has used it daily for her workouts. While I dutifully cover my miles each morning, my time-span pales in comparison to hers. She typically endures 45 minutes daily, walking at a rapid pace about half the time and running the balance. My wife isn't planning to switch to road running but I'll bet, with her excellent form, that she'd do very well as a runner. Her approach to fitness is simple and practical: get up and get it done before the kids wake up and start their day.

My day starts earlier than my wife's but not by much. I got out this morning at around 4:10 AM which is a few minutes later than I usually start. Putting on all those layers in defense of the 34 degree temperatures (plus wind) adds to my prep time. I ended up covering 2.3 miles in around 21 minutes. I had no problem with fatigue since I rested yesterday but I did not feel as though I was running efficiently. No matter though, I managed to warm up and was fairly comfortable by the second half of the run. While it was cold (the head on-wind caused my eyes to tear) we still haven't reached those days that require full face coverage. When the temperatures hit the teens I'll need to decide how much I really dislike the treadmill.


  1. Great Post. So....Long Island huh? I used to drive up there every other day to deliver to Wendys. (Sygma) I would go as far out as RiverHead. This is my first attempt at winter running. I have done a couple outside, but Dont mind the treadmill. It's not the same, but I am still giving my body and great workout. Nice Post Title btw. Keep up the cool posts.

  2. Thanks. Winter running can be great but you need to find the delicate balance between dressing to warmly or not warmly enough. Make sure you have good gloves and protect your face on those cold PA days.

  3. Thanks,

    Will be checking out some gloves tomorrow. I really want to get out there this winter. I don't want to succumb to being stuck inside.


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