Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To whom the Cowbell tolls

Pointing out James Street after last year's race
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After some high mileage training weeks leading up to last weekend's Dirty Sock race, I haven't run a step. Mondays are my usual rest day, which works out great when I race on Sundays. Today started early because I had to get into the city for some morning meetings. I went to bed thinking I might run today, but I slept until 5:15 AM, which didn't give me enough time.

Even without running, I still managed to meet my daily requirement of Fitbit steps. Between my backpack and sports jacket, combined with 81% humidity, I worked up quite a sweat. So it was sort of like a workout, but I really missed the part where I get to shower.

Tomorrow I'll officially start my Cow Harbor training. The good news is that I'll be starting on two days rest. My plan right now is to go out early enough to minimize the heat. If I'm training for this race, I'll need to start pushing the pace right away. As for the hill training, that can wait another day. But not too long, James Street looms large.


  1. DO you have a structured plan? It seems all my good plans and intentions fall short when life gets in the way.

    Showering is really over-rated if you plan on spending little time with the general public. ;)

    1. I have never followed a structured training plan. Too much pressure and planning! I prefer a more ad hoc approach based on how I feel and where I think I need to focus.

      Unfortunately, yesterday was day spent with people, so the humid conditions weren't ideal. I certainly didn't help myself keep cool by having Thai curry with red chili for lunch!


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