Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A good run to start but then came the pressure

Cold-triggered annoyance
Today's run (street): 3.4 miles

This day started great, with a nice early run in conditions that were close to yesterday's. I've been running hard lately, so I backed off in terms of intensity. I had a deadline to meet, so I knew I couldn't go out too slowly. Just before I hit mile three, I saw that my time was out of acceptable range. I decided to turn up the jets and ran the last half mile like I was finishing a race.

Things got a little tough after that. We did a family activity at the Cradle of Aviation museum and the building temperature must have been set to the mid-50's. This triggered one of my pressure headaches and, in the course of about 90 minutes, I went from feeling great to needing to lie down. I got home and took a decongestant before settling into a recovery nap.

Sleep minimized my headache but it was still there in the background. That made for a very long afternoon of work. Spending so much time in front of my laptop didn't help the situation and my headache, though better, is still there. I hope a good night's sleep will help knock it out completely. I have a tough trail run planned for tomorrow afternoon and I want to be at my best for it.


  1. Ugh. What is it with runners and headaches? I feel your pain. Hope it's already gone.

    1. I know - isn't running supposed to make us feel better and healthier?? Thanks for the good thoughts. My headache is mostly gone, but the pressure is still there...

    2. Um. I accidentally deleted your comment on my 20 mile post. I was trying to publish it from my iPhone, but because I don't have toothpick sized fingers, I hit delete instead. Do men actually own iPhones and if so, can they accomplish anything meaningful with them? I have pretty small hands :/

  2. I am an Apple objector, so I use an Android phone. But the issue is the same for me in terms of dealing with tiny keyboards. Between that and auto-correct, it's incredibly frustrating to type on those phones.


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