Sunday, August 4, 2013

Speed work, if you can call it that

Running in circles makes me lose my tempo
Today's run (track): 3.1 mile tempo, plus 5 x 100m - total: 3.4 miles

This morning I headed to the local track to run intervals. I was not looking forward to the workout, but if I wanted to improve my speed, I needed to do my homework. Conditions were good, 66° with indirect sun, so I had little excuse to take it easy. I decided to start with a few warm up laps before taking on intervals. I ended up doing a three mile tempo run, followed by 5 x 100 meter strides, run two minutes/mile faster than 10K race pace.

I was concerned that I'd be dealing with some leg fatigue after yesterday's run. Once I got going, I became confident that I'd be okay, although I was frustrated with my limited ability to hit my targeted pace. By the second mile, I was running faster. There were others on the track during the time I was there, but it never got crowded. I appreciated having the first lane to myself, with no need to shift around any walkers or slower runners.


1. I'm still running pretty slow these days. My goal was to break 27 minutes, but I didn't succeed. However, I did run negative splits, with a 9% improvement between miles 1 and 3.

2. I was able to meet my speed target on the intervals. While these runs felt faster than the 6:54 average I recorded, the last time that I did speed work, I averaged under 6:30. Like I said, I'm still slow.

Overall, I'm pleased with this weekend's training. With a couple of tough workouts coming up this week, I feel like I'm setting up well for the competition on the 18th.


  1. Wow~ 6:54 for intervals! That's wonderful, ESPECIALLY after running 3 miles.
    I think I should be more structured in my track work. You've inspired me (as you usually do) for tomorrow's run. :)

  2. Thanks TPP. I know that 6:54 seems fast, but I only needed to hold that pace for 25 seconds at a time. And then you get to rest for a minute! The funny thing about speed work (for me) is that I always want to avoid it, but ultimately end up enjoying it.


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