Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Memories of a rainy run

Soggy and humid morning, or so I remember
Today's run (street): 3.1 miles

This morning's run seems so long ago that I'm thinking about it like it was yesterday. I wanted to go out very early to beat the rain, but my stalling worked against me. I walked outside and felt a few light drops. The sky was uniformly gray and I didn't see any dark clouds that might drench me. Despite my aversion to running in rain because it distorts my vision,  I couldn't face a treadmill workout today.

My weekend of hard running has taken its toll. Even with a rest day on Monday, my leg muscles felt tight. Although I had no issues with either anaerobic or aerobic energy levels, I couldn't generate the speed I was hoping to maintain. Exactly one mile into the run, I felt a pebble that had landed in my shoe. I tried to ignore the problem, but I finally gave in and stopped to clear it. By then, the light rain had become steadier and I wondered how bad conditions would get.

I had the opportunity to head directly to my house at that point, the loop I was on took me within a block. Instead, I decided to run my route regardless. I hoped that the rain would lessen, or at the very least, that it wouldn't turn into a thunderstorm. Lightning is scary when you're out running on the street, miles away from shelter.

The rain did get worse, but the thunder held off until I got home. The rest of the day was spent either on the phone or staring at my laptop. I'm glad I got out today, but I didn't get through the conditioning run I'd originally planned. On the bright side, the humidity was extreme and that provided some good preparation for next Sunday's race.

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