Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running beats resting (at least it did today)

Making the better choice
Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

I've felt tired this week. It's as if I haven't adapted yet to my weekday sleep schedule. I was glad to have an excuse to rest on Monday and I slept for most of the train ride into the city yesterday. I was still feeling fatigued last night as I readied my morning running gear and I hoped that a good night's sleep would produce some energy when I awoke. That wasn't the case and when my alarm went off I had one of those "Are you serious?" moments as I considered my options.

By the time I collected my coffee and changed into my running clothes I felt a little more alert. As I turned to leave the guestroom, I looked enviously at the bed and wished I could take an hour's nap rather than head out for a run. It had rained a little overnight and the temperature was a cool 61 degrees. The Garmin locked in quickly and off I went.

Once I hit the street all signs of fatigue had left me and I focused on my stride and how my feet were landing. I followed my usual route and the run felt effortless. This was probably an opportunity to throw in some speed play but I decided to maintain this moderate-but-steady pace. As tempting as it seemed, there was little chance that I would have chosen the guestroom bed over my run today. That's good, because I would have missed a really nice run this morning.

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