Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not so welcome back to work run

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

I got the prize today
No return to work would be complete without a commuting disaster and the LIRR never fails to provide one. The consequence of that was a 2.5 hour trip home last night. While I was able to find a seat on my very crowded train, the long ride aggravated some soreness in my upper thigh. Not a pleasant experience and I'm concerned about this. Running with a mid-foot stride is supposed to eliminate injuries but I still have tenderness in my right knee and now this soreness on the left.

Usually, after two days rest, I'm rewarded with an above average run. That was not the case today. Although the temperature was in the mid 70's the humidity was sky high and I felt the weight of that from beginning to end. I struggled to get any semblance of speed. Although I did better on the second half of my run, it was still a crawl. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be better so I'll chose to ignore today's mediocre experience and hope for some big improvement on Wednesday.


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and today's post prompted me to make my first comment. I'm a runner myself, have been for a number of years now and I've done a lot of reading on running form and stride form and the basic conclusion I've drawn from what I've read is that each person has their own unique running form. You can try and make changes to your individual form, but a stride change or form change isn't likely to lead to better results and will (more than likely) end up causing you pain. Here's a link that sums it up fairly well. Keep running and keep up the blog, I enjoy reading it! Hope this helps:


  2. Hi Adam. Thanks for your comment and the link. I've read similar articles that say running form, efficiency and performance don't always correlate. I certainly haven't improved performance since switching to a mid-foot stride but I think I (generally) run better this way.

    I suspect my recent issues relate to other things besides stride - my knee problem started due to over training and my thigh issue is more an aggravation than an injury.

    Making the stride change has been a net positive for me but, to your point, not everyone will benefit from this change.


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