Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great day 1 run, broken pavement notwithstanding

Bad sidewalks were no problem for the nimble Hattori's
Today's run (street/variable terrain): 5.5 miles

It's day 1 of my vacation and I thought I'd get out early to beat the heat. I ended up skipping my run yesterday morning and the weather negated any later opportunities for an outdoor workout. I figured I'd be able to cover lots of ground over the next nine days so I felt fine resting. It was comfortably cool when I left my house and the extra day's rest, combined with a good night's sleep, made it easy going for the first couple of miles.

I planned a route that took me through the neighborhood and out to the busy road that borders the streets on the western side. I went north along this road, over sidewalks that are in truly abysmal shape, with broken concrete and large sections of mud and grass. I was concerned about the way the Hattori's would work on theses surfaces but they did well. Landing mid-foot provided good stability, and my biggest concern was that I'd get my shoes muddy.

Once I reached Jericho Turnpike I headed east along a stretch that gains about 200 feet over a third of a  mile. I usually run this section the opposite way but today I felt like I needed some hill challenges. There aren't a lot of of choices for hills on the local roads. Once I crested that hill I turned back into my neighborhood and ran another 2.5 miles before returning home.

I thought a lot about my form and strike during the run. The efficiency of mid-foot running provides an easier running experience. My friend FS, who is a prolific runner, surprised me recently by saying that she enjoys cycling far more than running. I think that's because recreational biking provides more opportunity to be a spectator than running. Since I've switched my running form I really do feel as though I observe more and focus less at the job at hand.

I finished my run by pushing the pace for the last half mile and was pleased to note that I could have tacked on a few more miles without much trouble. The humidity was rough and the temperature had risen over the 50+ minutes it took to complete my route. It was a good solid run and a nice change of scenery. It's great to be able to focus on more than the road these days.

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