Friday, June 24, 2011

A different type of workout today

Today's workout (treadmill, various speeds/elevations): 35 minutes

I was on the fence about today's workout and considered taking a rest day this morning. I've only skipped one day over the last ten so it wouldn't have been a bad thing to take some recovery time. My wife got on the treadmill for her daily run and I kept her company while I decided what to do.

As much as I prefer outdoors to indoors for my workouts, I decided to follow my wife on the treadmill for a low speed run, using different levels of elevation. I started slowly with a 2% incline. After three minutes I started increasing my speed every two minutes and my elevation almost as often. By the time I reached the 15 minute point I was running at a 6% grade at around 6 MPH. I maintained that balance for 15 more minutes and then dropped the incline to 2% and increased the speed to 7 MPH for the last five minutes.

By the end of the workout I was soaked with sweat. I was happy to have met the challenge of maintaining my run with a decent incline for over 30 minutes. One benefit of running with elevation is that it takes some pressure off the knees.  I'm noticing it hours later. Tomorrow morning I'm running with a friend at Stillwell Woods, my third trail run of this vacation. It's been a good week for running, with some interesting variety along the way.

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