Saturday, June 11, 2011

The NHP 8K course measures up

Today's run (street): 5.5 miles

I heard from Greg, one of the organizers of the New Hyde Park 8K, about the distance of that race. In my June 5th post I'd questioned the accuracy of the course, saying that it seemed longer than 4.97 miles (8K). Greg pointed out that "The course is measured along what runners call the "Tangent". That means it is measured along the straightest line possible." So the course really is 4.97 miles but "No runner can run the exact distance the way the course is measured. Everyone running a race will run a little extra distance." Makes perfect sense to me.

This morning I got out early, after it had rained, and did a local neighborhood run. I originally planned to run at Bethpage but the weather reports indicated the possibility of another rainstorm and I figured that I'd be better off staying closer to home.

Today's route
There was a lot of humidity in the air and I took it easy, covering the first mile in the mid-9:00 range.  About a half mile later I had redirected south into neighborhood #2, where I hadn't run in some time. I saw a woman running about 100 feet ahead of me into that neighborhood and thought that I could use her as a pace target but she went right where I planned to go left. After wrapping around the neighborhood I made my way to a long straight patch where I landed on a large piece of gravel.

Ouch! I ignored the pain but it caused quite a bruise on the lateral plantar opposite my arch. I continued my run for a while and even covered some sections I hadn't ever run. After returning home and icing it, my foot still hurts quite a bit. I'm hoping this is only a temporary thing. As much as I love the Hattori's (and I surely do), I can't forget that minimal also means minimal protection.

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