Thursday, March 24, 2011

Training to be part of the 3.6%

Today's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

It's amusing to see people on television shocked by the snow this week. As if the change to spring automatically triggers mild weather. I will admit to being surprised by the cold today and the snow on my driveway was a harsh flashback to winter. But unlike December, January and February, this snow is short-lived and hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back running on the road.

I'd expected bad weather last night and planned to work out indoors today. Since it was Thursday I chose to do an elliptical session. My energy was below its usual level so I kept resistance in the medium-low range and did the workout by rote. As I plowed through my minutes I thought about the amazing fact that I was training for a half marathon. I read recently that about 1.3 million people finished half marathons in 2010 so I'll have plenty of company. But doing the math, that's only .04% of the US population and, notably, just 3.6% of people in the US who run one or more days per year (according to RunningUSA). By May 2nd I'll know if I'm part of that enviable number.

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