Monday, March 21, 2011

A Marathon? Half is plenty for me

Spring has sprung though you wouldn't know it from today's temperatures in the high 30's. I don't want to rush the seasons -- I still prefer cold weather over hot -- but after a winter of frequent snowstorms I look forward to more days out on the road. After yesterday's long training run I'm taking my weekly rest day today. Rest and recovery.

Although I finished yesterday's run feeling relatively strong (enough to believe that I could have gone the entire half marathon distance) it became very clear to me that a full marathon would be out of the question. The steady pounding my feet experienced for 1.75 hours told me that a 4 hour race would do me no good. Then again, before I'd started running, the idea of me participating in a half marathon was about as likely my crewing on the space shuttle. I'm not saying I'll never run a full marathon but it's not an important goal for me. I know for many runners that 26.2 miles is the ultimate running experience but I really run for my health and the enjoyment of the activity. Racing is a great source of happiness too, but a marathon may just be too much of a good thing.

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