Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hoping to revisit a mystery

Mysteries of the Muttontown Preserve
Today's workout (elliptical) 25 minutes

After resting on Wednesday I was eager to get back to my routine. Predictions of rain in the morning prompted me to prepare for an elliptical session last night. Indoor activities are occasionally welcomed because they involve less gear and give me more time to work out. Today's elliptical workout was pretty straightforward. I always aim to do 25 minutes and the end result is typically the same: I'm happy that I worked out but not entirely satisfied that I worked as hard as I would on a run. But in the end I'm usually soaked with sweat and the muscles that most need help - hamstrings and glutes - are humming.

We're going to get soaked today and the rain should carry over to mid-day tomorrow so I'll likely find myself on the treadmill Friday morning. That's fine. I want to do at least one good base building run over the weekend and I'm also thinking how fun it might be to return to the Muttontown Preserve in milder weather. Knowing some of the mysteries of the Mystery Trail, I could be in for another great adventure. But hopefully this time I won't need to scale any fences.

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