Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I designed elliptical machines

Today's workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

The latest issue of Running Times came yesterday and my wife told me I'd be excited to see it. One of the main articles was a review of minimalist running shoes that (curiously) included the Karhu Fast 2's. I'm behind on reading my running magazines but I think this issue may jump to the front of the line. If nothing else, I'm interested in how Running Times views this Karhu model whose high ride seems anything but minimal to me.

The rain from yesterday has headed east but I decided to stay indoors today and cross train on the elliptical. As I went through my workout I thought about a better way to design the machine so that resistance from the upper body poles could be set independently of the lower body setting. The only way to get a decent upper body workout on my machine is to set resistance over 100 watts which means the entire workout feels like you are going uphill while wearing ankle weights. Of course, many would say that a high level of effort is exactly the point of the machine. This may be true but at 4:00 AM all I want is a reasonable cardio workout with some whole body benefit. Listen up elliptical machine manufacturers!

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