Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I miss the morning drought of 2010

No running in the rain this morning* 
Today's run (treadmill): 2.4 miles

Last year I had a five month span between spring and fall when I avoided running on the treadmill. We had no rain at 4:00 AM between the period of May and October , at least on the days when I'd planned to run. This winter has not been a runner's paradise and I've found myself on the treadmill more often than not during my weekday morning runs. I expected rain this morning and headed directly to the treadmill without checking outside. I'm not sure it was raining when I started but it was pouring by the time I'd finished.

Familiarity can breed contempt but it can also be comforting. Since I had nothing but contempt for the treadmill historically, there was no place to go but up. I followed my usual routine today, progressively increasing my speed and finishing at around an 8:50 pace. Knowing that I don't need to get up to speed right away makes it easier to motivate myself to start. By blipping the FAST button every few minutes I can manage my level of effort. My only rule is that I can only go faster, that is, until I've reached my planned end time when I stop recording my run on the Garmin and finish with a few minutes of cool-down running.

I may go for a Central Park run on Friday with my friend CK. It's supposed to get up to 70 degrees which is nice, but also sweat inducing. I've got a big meeting Friday afternoon and it wouldn't be right to sit there looking like a wet dog. I'll figure it out whether to run at noon once I get an updated weather report.

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