Friday, October 4, 2013

Tough Thursday, restful Friday

A well timed break
Yesterday's run (street): 3.5 miles

I'm not sure if it's connected to the flu shot I received on Tuesday, but yesterday I went from feeling tired to feeling exhausted. On top of that, I developed a sore throat that grew worse as the day went on. Unfortunately, I needed to be in the city to kick off a project, and that involved a lot of talking. It wasn't an ideal situation, but I managed to get through the discussions.

Earlier in the day, I did an easy run around the neighborhood. I'd woken up lacking energy and modified my original plan to work on increasing my cadence. I got out a little earlier than usual when temperature was still pleasantly cool. The run felt great and I thought I was off to a good start for the day. By mid morning that had all changed.

I've decided to forgo my run this morning. This is starting to become a habit, with the last couple of Friday runs being substituted for walks at Bethpage with my wife. We both have busy schedules today, so there will be no opportunity to get there today. I'm hoping that getting some additional rest today will get me back to full strength. I need to increase my hill training as I prepare for my upcoming 5K.


  1. oh boy. Feel better! My daughter is home sick with a sore throat.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Ibuprofen and sleep has done me a lot of good so far. That, on top of extremely spicy Tom Kah Gai and Pad Ga Prow at Lemonleaf this afternoon : )

    Hope you are resting well for the big day!

    1. Love the Pad Thai at Lemonleaf!
      I saw "gravity" at IMAX 3d tonight. It got my heart rate soaring, and I wasn't even running! I'll rest tomorrow!

    2. The commercials for Gravity make me dizzy. IMAX and 3D would put me in the loony bin. But that's one way of doing cardio on a taper.

      Hope the resting is going well. You're gonna rock the Diva.


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