Saturday, October 26, 2013

Neighborhood run and CSH Lab fun

Monkey business at CSH Laboratory
Today's run (street): 5 miles

After a surprisingly difficult run on Thursday, I decided to take yesterday off. I had business that needed attention and that bought me some useful time in the morning. My wife and I had considered a walk after lunch, but time caught up with us. Guilt from skipping a workout wasn't even a consideration. I really needed the rest.

This morning we had plans to visit nearby Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where we'd tour the grounds and buildings and learn about the institution. Due to that, I had to get out early for today's run. A tight schedule discouraged me from going far from home, so I decided to target the neighborhood that's located directly south of ours.

I started with a loop along the northern part of my neighborhood to get a sense of my fitness. I wasn't feeling tremendous energy (certainly not at the level I'd hoped to have coming off a day's rest) but it was better than Thursday's experience. I settled into a pace that I could sustain for five miles and made my way south to "neighborhood #2" for a change of scenery.

The run was fine, I'd mapped out the route I'd take and only made one change along the way because I was curious to see where a certain road led. The southern neighborhood has a lengthy section that runs close to a mile. I like that part of the route because it's primarily straight and allows me to tune out and just run. I made my way back home in time to (just barely) remain on schedule.

Our tour of the CSH Labs was really interesting  and we discovered a lot about the current research as well as the impressive and important history of the laboratory. My son has attended DNA camp at CSH over the last three summers and he was thrilled to learn more about the essential research. Our tour guide was a first year Ph.D student at CSH's Watson School. She shared a lot of information about the work she is doing, along with many interesting stories and facts about the Lab.

Harbor view from the Lab
A workout for the mind and the legs
The CSH Lab's campus is beautiful, with great views of the harbor. We walked a lot, over many hills, and the tour could easily count as a second workout. Apparently, the campus is open to the public and the rolling and picturesque grounds would make for an interesting run. It's ten minutes from my house so perhaps I'll do that this fall. I was glad to get back into the workout groove this morning and spend some quality time with my family at the lab.

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