Thursday, October 10, 2013

On hiatus

This has been a tough week and it's only Thursday. I developed a cold that may have been triggered by my flu shot and it's creating sinus pressure and affecting my vocal chords. Unfortunately this cold (or possible allergy) coincided with public speaking engagements on Tuesday and Wednesday. Between my schedule and feeling low, I haven't run since Sunday.

Today's weather is expected to be stormy so I'm not sure what my options will be for a run. If it's raining, I'll need to use the treadmill to get back on schedule. I haven't taken three consecutive days off from running in months, hopefully the rest has done me some good.


  1. OH no! Feel better. If it were me, I'd take it easy.

    1. I couldn't live with the guilt of taking another day off so I went out this morning. Not the most pleasant experience, but at least I'm back on schedule.

    2. Hmm.. I think that's a good thing!


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