Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting it done despite the heat

Today's run (street): 3.7 miles

A combination of hot weather and feeling a little ill delayed the start of today's run. We had friends over on Saturday and I got to bed pretty late. I woke up tired, with a dry throat and a queasy stomach and wondered if I was in shape to run. I had discussed my morning running plans with one of our friends last night (also a runner) and we both said we'd be going out early to beat the heat. I'm guessing that he actually did that.

I watched the temperature rise throughout the early morning and debated whether to skip my workout as I was already feeling marginal. I decided that an easy run would be better than nothing, so I got my act together and set out at 9:00 AM. Considering the way I felt and the extremely hot conditions, I did remarkably well through my first mile. I hoped to maintain that pace for the rest of my run.

I basically followed my weekday morning route and added a few additional sections. My original plan was to cover 3 miles, but I was .7 miles from home when I passed that distance. I continued my steady pace and made it home both tired and soggy, pleased that I went for it, instead of skipping my run.

Yesterday's distance got me to 80 miles for June, making that the forth consecutive month running 80 or more miles. My running average, prior to March, was only about 70 miles. I wasn't the only one running in the heat this weekend. FS was planning to do the Take Your Base 5 mile race in Coney Island and KWL did a remarkable job on his first triathlon, the NYRR Sprint. Both races were on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting the scoop on both tomorrow!

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