Monday, July 16, 2012

A recovery run on a recovery day

Today's run (street): 3.3 miles

I took today off to recover from the hectic weekend, but I spent most of the day working from home. That was partly by design and I was able to make progress on a few items that need to be completed before the end of the week. I was still able to spend some time with my family and get in a morning run that wasn't constrained by my usual morning schedule.

Yesterday's run was difficult due to the hot weather and the timing of my workout. Today's conditions were much more positive. Although it was hot at 8:00 AM, neither the heat not the humidity had reached unbearable levels. It was early and I was not weighed down by a big meal so I moved along much better. I wasn't sure where I was on pace and I chose to ignore my Garmin so I wouldn't feel compelled to push harder.

My route followed the perimeter of my neighborhood and I ran on the sidewalks along Jericho Turnpike and South Oyster Bay Road before turning east onto the service road. The sidewalks along these roads have broken sections, so I frequently needed to watch my step. On the positive side, I had more tree cover than when I continued through the main neighborhood.

I covered about the same distance as yesterday, but I beat Sunday's time by almost three minutes. It wasn't the easiest run, but I finished feeling strong. I need to get back to longer distances next weekend and my schedule should help me do that. In the meantime, I'm off to a decent mileage week with 3+ miles on my usual rest day.

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